Group 20 – Western Sydney Region – Annual Report

Posted on: 30 November

Western Sydney Region VGA comprises eight Clubs, being Dunheved, Glenmore, Leonay, Penrith, Richmond, Springwood, Stonecutters Ridge, and Wallacia.

Discussions took place in 2021 with Lynwood Golf Club who will hopefully join WSRVGA as a playing member of the Association.  Those discussions are ongoing but were delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions.  It is also hoped that Windsor Golf Club will rejoin the Association as a playing member.

Membership of WSRVGA remains strong with a total membership of 754, of which 655 are members of NSWVGA.

At the November 2021 AGM, the following members were elected as the Executive for 2022:

President: Les Knox (Leonay)
Secretary/Treasurer: Judy Jordan (Richmond)
Vice Presidents: Noel Byles (Richmond), John Lovatt (Glenmore), Kim Stockbridge (Stonecutters Ridge) and Noel Rowsell (Leonay).

Noel Rowsell was also elected as Publicity Officer.

It is the aim of WSRVGA to encourage golf to be played in a spirit of keen competition and good fellowship with a strong emphasis on social interchange. T o achieve those aims inter-club events are conducted with ‘shotgun starts’ to enable players to mix both prior to and after games.

WSRVGA conducts 8 interclub events during the year with each member club hosting an event.  Scores recorded in these events decide the Players (male and female) and Club of the Year.  After Covid-19 social distancing restrictions prevented any inter-club event taking place during 2020 it was hoped that normal programming of interclub events would return in 2021.  Wet weather in the early part of 2021 and then Covid-19 restrictions meant it was only possible to play 3 interclub events in the year.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to hold enough interclub events during 2021 to decide Players and Club of the Year therefore those events were cancelled.

Whilst it was not possible to hold inter-club events during 2021, each club within the Association saw a strong growth in veteran membership and was able to hold their own veteran competitions with increased patronage.

In his Annual Report to WSRVGA, President Les Knox, acknowledged the outstanding sponsorship of The Richmond Club.  Western Sydney Veteran Golfers are indeed fortunate that The Richmond Club and their CEO, Kimberley Talbot, recognises and supports Veteran Golf in Western Sydney.  The Richmond Club have again agreed to sponsor WSRVGA in 2021/22 making it 10 years of continuous sponsorship.  Western Sydney Veteran golfers sincerely express their gratitude to Kimberley and the Board of the Richmond Club.

Kimberley Talbot
CEO, The Richmond Club


Extensive publicity has been achieved throughout the year through the tireless efforts of Vice President, Noel Rowsell, the Association is indeed fortunate to have such a publicity officer.

Vice President Noel Byles continues with the arduous task of writing the history of WSRVGA. Hopefully, 2022 will see the printed version become available.

Les Knox
President WSRVGA