President’s letter to members, Tournament Directors and Group Secretaries – December 2021

Posted on: 4 January

At the NSWVGA Council Meeting conducted after the AGM on 8 December it was confirmed that to be eligible to participate in any event conducted under the auspices of NSWVGA a player must be a financial member of NSWVGA.

The move to change the eligibility criteria began in December 2020 when it was first discussed and passed at a General Meeting.  However, with the Xmas, New Year period interrupting communications the decision was amended to read: “To be eligible to win the NSWVGA Shield, mini shields and vouchers a player must be a financial member of NSWVGA”.  This was to stay in force until 1 August when the original decision would become policy.

Councillor Jim Shadlow in a Newsletter in early 2021, alerted all Group Secretaries and Tournament Directors to a further change in policy: ”that to be eligible to participate in any event conducted under the auspices of NSWVGA a player must be a financial member of NSWVGA”, and asked for comments.  He received only two responses in the negative.  Following further discussions with Tournament Directors, and after another Newsletter was distributed in late 2021 with no negative responses, Council moved and passed the new policy to be introduced from 1 January 2022.

Reasons behind the decision:

  1. NSWVGA conduct and financially support 8 championships, 50 Weeks of Golf, NSWVGA Medals and 4BBB competitions in Groups and Finals in these events. For each of these NSWVGA provides trophies, shields and vouchers. The total cost of conducting these events is approximately $40 000 and Council were of the opinion that the events should be for members only as it is their money being directed to these events.
  2. Tournament Directors and Committees, all members of NSWVGA, expend a great deal of time and energy in organising these events for NSWVGA members. Council has been made aware of nominations for some Weeks of Golf and Championships that have exceeded 40% of non – members. If this trend were to continue, members would be excluded from events which were meant for them.
  3. Interstate visitors competing in NSWVGA events are invited to join NSWVGA by paying a $5 fee to either the Tournament Director or the NSWVGA representative present at the event. Members of NSW clubs, not members of NSWVGA, are encouraged to join the organisation through the local Veterans club or, if that pathway is not available, by contacting the local Group Secretary and joining through him/her. This process for joining NSWVGA is simple and is hardly beyond the means of those wishing to join.

This new policy has been endorsed and supported by members throughout NSW and it is the hope of Executive Council that all Tournament Directors adopt the policy for the benefit of members. In the near future the new Members’ Register will come into play and TDs and Group Secretaries will benefit. The process of keeping membership current and checking membership will be simpler and less time consuming so there is an expectation that all TDs check the nominations for their event to ensure that every player is a member of NSWVGA.

Finally, I thank all members for their support of our events during 2020 and 2021. I hope 2022 is a more successful golfing one and that all of you get the opportunity to play a year of uninterrupted programmes.

A further vote of thanks goes to those of you who have in any way contributed to the administration of the Association. Your efforts are valued by your members and all of us on Executive Council.

Best Wishes for a safe and healthy New Year.

Good Golfing
Ian Vidler
President NSWVGA