NSWVGA Response to CO-VID 19 – No 4

Posted on: 9 May

While PM Scott Morrison’s report on his exit strategy out of lockdown on Friday 8 May 2020 gave some hope of sport returning to “normal” within the next three months, there needs to be several changes to the current restrictions in NSW before the NSWVGA Week of Golf Programme resumes.  These are: (in no particular order)
• Caravan Parks will need to be fully operational.
• Golf Clubs, (Club Houses) will need to be open and functioning to the point where they can accommodate the number of players expected at these events.
• Golf Course staff should have time to prepare courses for visitors.
• Golfers need to be able to play in groups of 4.
• Travel will need to be unlimited, especially for over 70s.

Until these restrictions are eased to the point where CEOs and Boards of Directors of Golf Clubs are confident a Week of Golf event is safe and viable the Programme cannot resume. Therefore, NSWVGA Executive Council wishes to advise that until the current restrictions are lifted and Golf Clubs are prepared to accept Weeks of Golf, its position remains unchanged.

“All Weeks of Golf conducted under the auspices of NSWVGA are cancelled until 4 September or until further notice.”

This decision will be reviewed should NSW Government ease restrictions.

In the meantime it is the hope of NSWVGA Executive Council that all members continue to follow the safe practices suggested by Dept of Health, keep exercising and enjoy the golf that you are able to play.

Stay safe and healthy.
Ian Vidler
President NSWVGA