NSW Veteran Golfers - Activities & Office Bearers

Weeks of Golf

Weeks of Golf started in the early 1980’s, with Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and Blue Mountains being among the earliest.

There are now around 50 WOGs held under the auspices of the NSWVGA from February to December each year.  Locations range throughout NSW from Coolangatta/Tweed Heads in the North to Eden in the South and Broken Hill in the West.  See the Program for the full list.


Six tournaments are held under the auspices of the NSWVGA each year:

  • Stroke Play Championships, first held in 1993
  • Match Play Championships, first held in 1997, with the Ladies event added in 2018
  • Mixed Better Ball Championships, first held in 1997
  • Sandgreen Championships – Mens first held in 1997, Mens Better Ball first held in 2002, Mixed Better Ball first held in 2009

In addition the NSWVGA holds a Gold Medal tournament each year for the winners of local tournaments held by Groups and Clubs.

Grassroots Prize Scheme

In 2018, Vice-President Richard Doyle suggested the introduction of a scheme to benefit to members at the grassroots level, to reflect the significant number of members who are unable to attend Weeks of Golf or Championships. The proposal was to give prize vouchers for member competitions at the local club level.

This proposal was approved by the Executive Council and in 2019 the Grassroots Prize scheme came into operation, thanks to great efforts from Richard in checking memberships and qualification of clubs, and in managing the operation.

The scheme provides over 400 vouchers every year drawn on local businesses to ensure that benefit flows through to the local economy, with a total value of over $10,000.

Website development

In 2001 Councillor Paul Horton posted the NSWVGA annual program onto a website to make it available for members. He single-handedly developed and extended the website over the next 4 years, adding tournament reports, sponsorship details and other news items.

In 2005, Paul created a membership database as an adjunct to the website in a secure access area. This provided a central register that could be accessed by Tournament Directors to check the affiliation status of players. Over the next years Paul oversaw the mammoth task of getting data from the Group Secretaries in a multitude of different formats onto the database.

After Paul retired from his role in 2016, the technical management of the site was passed over to a contractor, with content updates being made directly by Group Secretaries, Tournament Directors and Councillors.  Paul was awarded Life Membership of NSWVGA for his extraordinary efforts over many years.

In 2020 the public information functions of the site were separated from the administrative functions and a separate Public site was re-developed with funding from Golf NSW.

Office Bearers

Note: * after a date indicates that the person continued as an Office Bearer in a different role.


G. Clarke 1985 John Hart 1986-1988 Reg Gardiner 1989-1991*
Len Shadwick 1992 Des Coady 1993-2008 Dick Farrant 2009-2016
Ian Vidler 2017-        



Len Shadwick 1991* John Leckie 1991-1992 Alan Read 1992
Peter Berriman 1993-1994 John Powell 1993-2002 Eric Moulder 1995-1997
Bill Poole 1998-2012 Les Mann 2003-2015 Ian Vidler 2013-2016*
John Dixon 2016* Richard Doyle 2017-2019 Kel Pearce 2017
Les Knox 2018- John Daley 2020-    



Mervyn Burke 1985-1992 Reg Gardiner 1993-1995 Bob Coulson 1995-1996*


At the end of 1996 the roles of Secretary and Treasurer were split because of the increasing workload.


Dick Farrant 1997-2008* Trevor Bell 2009-2012 Len Payne 2013-2019
Aileen Williams 2020-        



Bob Coulson 1997-2007* Alan Neems 2008-2011 David Gunner 2012-2021
Dick van Buuren 2021-        



Alan Read 1991* John Muggleton 1991
Des Coady 1992*
Peter Berriman 1992* Max Baker 1993
John Whitty 1994-1995
Cliff Cullen 1996-1997 Keith Gray 1996-1997 John Dulihanty 1998-2001
Eddie Boots 1998-1999 Ashley Harrison 1998-1999 Jim McArdle 2000-2005
Rex Tate 2000-2009 Ron Walford 2001 Les Mann 2001-2002*
Paul Horton 2002-2016 Trevor Bell 2003-2008* Ron Simmons 2005-2016
Mike Fenton 2006 Alan Neems 2007* Richard Doyle 2007-2016*
John Wickett 2007-2009 Col Darley 2008-2016 Bob Coulson 2009
John Buttle 2010 Alan Young 2010-2012 Ian Vidler 2010-2012
Chris Evans 2011-2016 John Dixon 2013-2015*
Kel Pearce 2013-2016*
Stuart Dossetor 2016- Les Knox 2017* Lance Fredericks 2017-
Garry Mason 2017-2021 John Daley 2017-2019* Peter Taylor 2018-2020
Gerry Cox 2018- Peter Guy 2020- Jim Shadlow 2021-