NSW Veteran Golfers - Constitution and Policies


The NSWVGA Constitution is available for viewing or download.  Note that the revision history is given at the end of the document.
The latest revision is dated 2017-02-02: View/Download


The following Policies governing the various aspects of NSWVGA operations have been adopted by the NSWVGA Executive Council.  They are available for viewing or download.

Policy title Revision date Click here:
1. Function of Group Secretaries 2020-05-14 View/Download
2. Conduct of Weeks of Golf and Responsibilities of Tournament Directors 2022-01-05 View/Download
3. Requirements for Acceptance as a Participating Club 2020-05-06 View/Download
4. rescinded    
5. Tournament Program Procedure 2020-04-27 View/Download
6. Conduct of Sandgreen Championships 2020-05-07 View/Download
7. Affiliation Payments and Currency of Membership 2021-08-04 View/Download
8. Conduct of Match Play Championships 2020-06-05 View/Download
9. Conduct of Stroke Play Championships 2020-05-28 View/Download
10. Conduct of Mixed Better Ball Championships   in preparation
11. NSWVGA Medal and NSWVGA/Watsons Leisure Centre Medley 4BBB 2021-03-02 View/Download
12. Operation of Grassroots Prize Voucher Scheme   in preparation