Posted on: 13 June

On behalf of the NSWVGA Executive Council it is my pleasure to welcome you to your new and upgraded website. In doing so I must acknowledge the input of two staff members at Golf NSW towards the development of this site. Stuart Fraser, CEO, Golf NSW offered financial assistance allowing us to use the services of MiClub while Piret Gardiner, Marketing Manager, Golf NSW provided the enthusiasm and expertise and the initial impetus for the process to begin. Their input and ongoing support during the website development has been invaluable and NSWVGA would like to offer its gratitude for their efforts.

Two members of the Executive Council have been at the very core of this website development since Day 1. Stuart Dossetor and Peter Guy have devoted a great deal of time and energy into ensuring this website developed into an interesting, vibrant, up to date and user friendly one. These two Councillors deserve high praise for their efforts during what has been, sometimes, a bumpy road. It is our hope that you enjoy the results of their many hours of work when you use this website. A big vote of thanks to both of you.

To maintain the currency of the information on this site NSWVGA will be looking to its members, specifically Group Secretaries, Tournament Directors and Club Secretaries, but not only those members, to keep the news flowing onto the website. If you need to promote or advertise an upcoming event, give publicity to a sponsor or have a newsworthy item, all you have to do is write the material including photos, logos, web links etc and send it to webmaster@nswvga.com.au, so we can put it onto the website.

As this website is for use by NSWVGA members and members of the public we would welcome suggestions from all to assist in further developing and improving it. It is the hope of NSWVGA that the website remains active, colourful, current, interesting and contains newsworthy items. We now challenge members to assist in this task.

Finally, I must offer my personal thanks to Golf NSW, Stu Dossetor and Peter Guy for their efforts. I would like to also recognise the work of those members who have contributed to veterans’ golf in NSW. I thank you for your on–going interest and the work you do as volunteers in promoting this great game. NSWVGA looks forward to reading your contributions “about veterans for veterans” in the future.

Ian Vidler
President NSWVGA
May 2020