Kiama Veterans Grass Roots Day

Posted on: 25 November

On Tuesday November 24th, in a closed event, 140 Kiama veteran players, all affiliated with NSWVGA, enjoyed a two person Ambrose with separate trophies for male and female pairings. The field which represented almost half of the veteran membership of the Club included 34 women. The field competed for $830 in club vouchers as well as 100 balls in the ball comp. For the first time at Kiama all entrants played the men’s white course which added to the special day.

The high value of prizes was made possible by including competition fees, grass roots monies from the two distributions from NSWVGA, and donations by the Kiama Veterans Association, the ladies committee as well as individual veteran members.

The Kiama Veterans Association wishes to thank the NSWVGA for their donation in respect of the grass roots scheme and acknowledges the efforts of Richard Doyle in putting this scheme into operation. Every effort was made to reward as many veteran players as possible on the day in line with the intentions of the scheme.

The Kiama Veterans Association trusts that all other NSW veteran groups and clubs enjoyed a similar special event in their 2020 veteran golfing calendar.

Results: (all net events)

Winners Josephine Piper + Rhonda Robinson 65.25 c/b
Runners Up Annette Worth + Margaret Johnson 65.25
Thirds Dot Swan + Pam Bodey 67.25
Fourths Trish Swan + Jennifer Bombaci 69.0
Fifths Patricia Laird + Margaret Cooper 69.5
Ball run down next 10 pairs 75.75 or better
Winners Col Kenning + Glenn Whiteford 58.0 c/b
Runners Up Stephen Taylor + Angus Cox 58.0
Thirds David Martin + John Keiley 58.5
Fourths Jim McNeilly + Bob Parker 58.75
Fifths Joe Ditton + Dick Farrant 59.0 c/b
Ball run down next 40 pairs 67.75 or better


Dick Farrant
Vice President Kiama VGA