Myall Coast Week of Golf – 1 Feb – 5 Feb 2021

Posted on: 8 February

Congratulations to Barbara and George Young Lee who have attended all 21 Myall Coast Weeks of Golf since the start – still going strong.


NSWVGA Shield Winners: Men – Michael CURTIS (Yass)   –   Ladies – Jeanette STARR (Richmond)

Michael receiving his shield from
Ross Kirwan, Tournament Director

Jeanette receiving her shield from
Aileen Williams, NSWVGA Secretary


Below are the results from each day.

Day 1 – Monday 1st February 2021. Irish Team Stableford.

The week started with 280 players on a lovely warm sunny day with the course in very good condition with Covid-19 rules applied.

1.Vicki and Dudley Parker and Betty Ritchie and Vernon Roberts (Muree) 94 – see photo below
2. Carole and Michael Day (Nelson Bay) and Steven and Gillian Mitchell (Wyong) 93
3. Val and Peter McGregor (Shelly Beach) and Ronald and Annette Boyd (Toronto) 92
4. Penny and Eric Hudson (Leeton) and Sue Brownrigg and Stephen Macklinshaw (Longyard) 90 c/b
5. Norah and Arthur Grime (Castle Hill & Gordon) and Judith and Tony Mulhearn (Gordon) 90

Long Drive. 14th Hole.
A Men. Chris Dunne (Richmond)
B Men. George Gauci (Beverley Park)
C Men. Mark Pauling (Belmont)
Ladies Div 1. Barbara Foy (Beverley Park)
Ladies Div 2. Jayne Tanner (Singleton)
Ladies Div 3. Robyn Sharp O’Neill (Wentworth)

NTP. Men.
3rd A. Ron Boyd (Toronto)
3rd B. Gordon Whitby (Beverley Park)
3rd C. John Leck (Richmond)
16th A.Noel Wright (Wentworth)
16th B. John Ainsley (Wyong)
16th C. Robert Wade (Singleton)

NTP Ladies.
5th Div 1. Margaret Burke (Singleton)
5th Div 2 Susan Ainsley (Wyong)
5th Div 3 Doreen Goodsell (Belmont)
10th Div 1. Jean Lane (Belmont)
10th Div 2. Robyn Friis (Maitland)

Vicki and Dudley Parker and Betty Ritchie and Vernon Roberts (Muree)


Day 2 – Tuesday 2 Feb Round 1 of 2-day Shield. Stableford.

Our second day, Tuesday, started with light rain and showers but the sun came out around midday with some good scores being posted.

Mens. A.
1. Michael CURTIS (Yass) 42
2. Joseph CROOK (Toronto) 37
3. Bruce SOMERVILLE (Muree) 37
4. Gary JONES (Tuggerah Lakes) 36
5. Peter LAMBORN (Wakehurst) 34

Mens B.
1. Trevor JONES (Belmont) 41
2. Nick TRANCHINI (Charlestown) 37
3. Tony MULHEARN (Gordon) 37
4. Joe ZANCOLICH (Kiama) 36
5. Dennis HURST (Kew) 35

Mens C.
1. Roger DUNKIN (Ryde-Parramatta) 38
2. John LECK (Richmond) 33
3. Robert MCAULAY (Kooindah Waters) 32
4. Dudley PARKER (Muree) 32
5. Mark PAULING (Belmont) 32

Ladies Div 1.
1. Dianne MOROSIN (Shell Harbour) 37
2. Darlene VANDERKEMP (Newcastle) 35
3. Julie FINN (Richmond) 35
4. Gabriella CATANZARITI (Tuggerah Lakes) 34
5. Gillian MOWAT (Belmont) 34

Ladies Div 2.
1. Laurel TWOREK (Belmont) 37
2. Faye JUPP (Maitland) 36
3. Gail BARNETT (Beverley Park) 36
4. Susanne OAKES (Beverley Park) 34
5. Leslie WRIGHT (Wentworth) 34

Ladies Div 3.
1. Jeanette STARR (Richmond) 38
2. Janet GUY (Ryde-Parramatta) 36
3. Rhonda PITT (Pacific Dunes) 36
4. Norah GRIME (Gordon) 35
5. Maria JONES (Tuggerah Lakes) 34

NTP. Men. 3rd Hole
A. Barry HAWKINS (Maitland)
B. Bob STEWART (Goulburn)
C. John LECK (Richmond)
NTP. Men. 16th Hole
A. Bruce SOMERVILLE (Muree)
B. Geoffrey STREET (Beverley Park)
NTP Ladies. 5thHole
Div 1. Margaret Wynter (Taree)
Div 2. Catherine PAUTSCH (Wakehurst)
Div 3. Rhonda BARRON (Everglades)
NTP Ladies. 10th Hole
Div 1. Julie FINN Richmond)
Div 2. Merryn SMITH (Beverley Park)
Div 3. Rhonda PITT (Pacific Dunes)

Michael CURTIS (Yass)

Trevor JONES (Belmont)

Roger DUNKIN (Ryde-Parramatta)

Dianne MOROSIN (Shell Harbour)

Laurel TWOREK (Belmont)

Jeanette STARR (Richmond)


Day 3 – Thu 4/2/2021 – Round 2 of 2 day Shield. Stableford.

Mens. A.
1. Ronald WIT (Toronto) 36
2. Micheal DAY (Nelson Bay) 36
3. John BOWRON (Everglades) 35
4. Stan TWOREK (Belmont) 35
5. Michael CROCK (Leonay) 35

Mens B.
1. Peter MCSORLEY (Wakehurst) 38
2. Ronald BOUNDY (Shelly Beach) 37
3. Gordon WHITBY (Beverley Park) 37
4. James WILLIAMSON (Merewether) 34
5. Bruce KEARSLEY (Shelly Beach) 34

Mens C.
1. Robert BISSET (Waratah) 34
2. Geoffrey WHITE (Belmont) 34
3. Mark PAULING (Nelson Bay) 33
4. Robert WADE (Singleton) 33
5. Robert KOPPMAN (Pacific Dunes) 32

Ladies Div 1.
1. Tammie HOWELL (Belmont) 38
2. Jennifer STIBBARD (Bonnie Doon) 38
3. Penny HUDSON (Leeton) 38
4. Gillian MOWAT (Belmont) 36
5. Gabriella CATANZARITI (Terrigal) 34

Ladies Div 2.
1. Robyn AITKIN (Beverley Park) 40
2. Susan AINSLEY (Wyong) 38
3. Kate BROWNSMITH (Waratah) 34
4. Betty KOPPMAN (Pacific Dunes) 34
5. Anita O’MALLEY (Belmont) 34

Ladies Div 3.
1. Irena MACDONALD (Port Macquarie) 41
2. Judith ANDERSON (Everglades) 40
3. Vicki PARKER (Belmont) 39
4. Maxine GRAHAM (Muree) 38
5. Ann ELGAR (Wyong) 35

NTP. Men. 3rd Hole
A. Stephen DUNN (Toronto)
B. Ron BOUNDY (Shelly Beach)
C. Zbigniew WASILEWICZ (Nelson Bay)
NTP. Men. 16th Hole
A. William MICALLEF (Wyong)
B. Harold WILLIAMS (Goulburn)
C. Graeme SCOBIE (Branxton)
NTP Ladies. 5th Hole
Div 1. Margaret BURKE (Singleton)
Div 2. Helen DAVIS (Cromer)
Div 3. Frances YATES (Beverley Park)
NTP Ladies. 10th Hole
Div 1. Britta LAMBORN (Wakehurst)
Div 2. Laurel TWOREK (Belmont)
Div 3. Rhonda BARRON (Everglades)

Men A. Ross HARTMAN (Wakehurst)
Men B. Ronald Boundy (Shelly Beach)
Men C. Clyde WYBORN (Gosford)
Ladies Div 1. Roslyn FULLER (Wentworth)
Ladies Div 2. Robyn AITKIN (Beverley Park)
Ladies Div 3. Joan HARTMAN (Wakehurst)

Ronald WIT (Toronto)

Peter MCSORLEY (Wakehurst)

Robert BISSET (Waratah)

Tammie HOWELL (Belmont)

Robyn AITKIN (Beverley Park)

Irena MACDONALD (Port Macquarie)


Day 4 – Friday 5/2/2021. 2BBB Stableford.

1. Vicki PARKER and Dudley PARKER 49
2. Ralph BAKER and Jeffrey FLYNN 47
3. Robyn RAY and Peter RAY 47
4. Pauline KWONG and Brian YEE 46
5. Graham CLYNE and Jean LONERGAN 46

A. John BOWRON (Everglades)
B. Harold WILLIAMS (Goulburn)
C. Robert BISSET (Waratah)
A. Rodney EVES (Coffs Harbour)
B. Jeffrey FLYNN (Branxton)
C. Robert KOPPMAN (Pacific Dunes)
Div 1. Jan KEARSLEY (Shelly Beach)
Div 2. Laurel TWOREK (Belmont)
Div 3. Rhonda BARRON (Everglades)
Div 1. Jenny JOHNSTON (Belmont)
Div 2. Faye JUPP (Maitland)
Div 3. Denise COLLINS (Belmont)

MEN A. Laurie WILLINGHAM (Newcastle)
MEN B. Graham CLYNE (Ryde Parramatta)
MEN C. Peter TALLACK (Richmond)
LADIES Div 1. Margaret BROWNSELL (Springwood)
LADIES Div 2. Anita O’MALLEY (Belmont)
LADIES Div 3. Robyn CANNON (Wentworth)

Vicki PARKER and Dudley PARKER